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Skinny Puppy - Ogre and the TV

heey…that’s how I captioned this very picture when I uploaded it to……well, minus the part about Good Times. Still, though. ..creative commons! Uh, license infringement! By golly, I’ve just been robbed! My genius plundered! Usually that’s preceded by a slow finger fuck in the afternoon…

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Joy Division customized top

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Arcade Fire—We Exist

Thanks to this video, I can no longer listen to this track without picturing Spiderman in drag.

I mean that in the most positive way possible. You see, I wanted to share this because this is one of the better (albeit literal) visual interpretations of a song I’ve seen in a while…though a few individuals are up in arms because the clip doesn’t feature a “real” trans youth in the main role. The way I see it, whatever brings the issue into the collective mainstream consciousness, I’m all for it.

I mean, I personally believe the reason I’m so comfortable with homosexuality and people who identify as transgender/gender queer/gender neutral/ETC. is because I grew up watching Kids in the Hall and listening to, like, Marilyn Manson and David Bowie from an early age…. and wouldn’t you know, they were (largely) straight.

We need to desensitize in order to erase the stigma.

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Within the next five years I want to be living in British Columbia or Québec. Ontario has worked its evil and thoroughly withered my soul.

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madonna in like a prayer, aka the single most important moment in the history of humankind 

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Boy did i use that VHS.. A LOT.

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It fucking stinks in here