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I’m such a sucker for buttons…just bought this set from Croatia.



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Currently? 0ºC with the windchill…which equals 32ºF. I don’t enjoy hot weather either, but this winter has been especially trying.

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Swans - Kirsten Supine

from To Be Kind

Can’t wait to see Swans at NXNE this year.

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now, let’s endlessly exhaust the topic.

It must be April 1st, ‘cause this weather is a joke.

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Lobby card for THE BROOD (1979) directed by David Cronenberg

I wish David Cronenberg was my dad.

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vxgasattack Asked: "sup? my tumblr got deleted b/c some asshole got into my account and deleted it! I'm back now."

aw, the fuck? was it the weirdo sending you all that fanmail?

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~ A Desk-Book of Errors in English Including Notes on Colloquialisms and Slang to be Avoided in Conversation, by Frank H. Vizetelly, 1920